Commentary 2011.06.01
This is the initial comic for “The Monkey Project”. I’ve not worked on it in about 5 years. I thought I’d pretty up the archive and post some commentary.

This was done in pen and ink on copy paper. I scanned it and colorized it in some earlier version of Paint Shop Pro (Known henceforth as PSP in these commentary sections). I hadn’t quite figured out how to use my comic tools at the time.

This is a combined version of two different attempts at inking this. If I have an abundance of time I may upload the other 2 versions at some point.

↓ Transcript
Lackey Scientist: "Sir, #17 has begun to show an enormous amount of free will and comprehension of human language."
Boss Scientist: "Excellent! Prepare the exam room for ELECTRO-STRESS evaluation!"
On screen, left side: "Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious this sun of York and all the clouds that lour'd upon" (from Richard III, Shakespeare)
On screen, right side, cursor blinking: "Now is the winter of our discontent. Hell, it's the winter of our plain being pissed off."
Monkey: "I've GOT to learn to keep some things to myself."